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Yates-American can furnish a complete cutter head and tooling package for any style cut on your planer-matcher or moulder. This presents the most commonly used and productive tooling available anywhere in its class. However, the tooling presented here represents only a portion of what is available from us. Contact Yates-American for any particular requirements you have. A variety of 2-1/4″ tall side heads are in stock.

Gib Type Heads

Planer Knife or Corrugated Style

Yates-American gib type round heads are available in either wedge or pocket gib designs, depending on your requirements. These heads have normal use on moulders, matchers, or any other profile/dimensioning machinery. As standard, the heads are furnished with 5/32″ thick thin knives, but can also be equipped with corrugated knives at an extra charge. When used on moulders, these heads, fitted with corrugated knives and a hydro-gripping sleeve, make a highly efficient tooling system. Yates heads can be supplied in either mechanical or hydraulic sleeve systems.

“LV” Type Heads

“LV” type heads from Yates-American can provide the greatest number of bits available for any given cutting circle. Like the “L” type head, it is also ideally suited for running eased edge, centermatch, tongue & groove/vee, or shiplap patterns. When used with an open end sleeve, it is well suited to run on any profile spindle and provide outstanding performance. Combine Yates heads with our full range of stock eased edge bits for the ultimate tooling package.

“L” Type Heads

Yates-American “L” type heads have widespread application running eased edge, centermatch, tongue & groove/vee or shiplap patterns. However, patterns with more intricate profiles can easily be adapted to the “L” type head. The “L” type head is designed for the side spindles of a matcher or moulder when fitted with closed end sleeves. When fitted with an open end sleeve, it will work perfectly on the profile spindles of a matcher or the top or bottom spindles of a moulder.