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A20-12 Planer Matcher

The A20-12 represents the most logical and VERSATILE planer/matcher available on the market today because it is capable of performing an extremely wide range of operations. From high quality finishing of boards or patterned panel stock, the A20-12 can easily machine dimensional lumber at speed rates of up to 700 feet per minute. We feel in the long run, the purchase of a more versatile machine will make you able to adapt to the varying conditions of the market and work with a machine that can meet a changing product mix, no matter the market demand.

B26-E Double Rough Surfacer

The B26-E double rough surfacer is designed for surfacing rough lumber in board lengths. Surfacing helps down the line operators see defects more clearly. The B26E is available in 24” and 30” widths. The feed drive is electric and can be configured in speed ranges up to 400 fpm. Eight row spiral carbide cutterheads are standard. Recent updates include connecting the lower infeed roll to the bed plate assembly which saves time when making depth of cut adjustments. The lower feed rolls can be powered for extra driving force in demanding situations

F31-V Feed Table

The F31-V feed table is designed to provide a continuous ribbon of lumber to the planer. The frame is made from heavy channel iron, angle iron, and rectangular tubing and is built to withstand the pounding associated with feeding rough lumber at feed speeds up to 1500 fpm. The upper pineapples are pneumatically tensioned to make constant pressure on the stock for even feed, while allowing roll recoil to accommodate thinner stock. The pineapples also have a quick lift feature that raises them to the maximum height capacity when required. The drive train input shaft distributes power to all rolls through (3) groove, multi-vee belts.